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Alleviate Stress & Boost Your Immune System in just 15 min/day

A Self-Paced Online Course

Alleviate Stress and Boost Your Immune System

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Heart Wisdom Personal Coaching

Break Through Your Perceived Limitations

HeartWisdom Coaching

Enhance your intuition | Manage stress, anxiety and depression| Improve your health and outlook in life |Maintain composure under stress |Enhance your relationships

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Your Monday Morning Espresso Shot

Free 15 Minute Live Group Coaching Mondays at 9 AM MST

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Guided Coherence Building Practice with a Certified HeartMath(R) Coach & Trainer | Practice Coherence Building Techniques | Receive Practical Tips to Enhance Your Personal and Professional Life


Benefits of Applying HeartMath® Techniques

Improved Relationships – A Testimonial Video

The Heart’s Energetic Field Changes with Emotions 

Understanding Resilience and the 4 Primary Areas