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Personal Coaching

A HeartMath ® Certified Coach specializes in the following areas of leadership development:

Develop High Potential Employees

Employment Transition Support

Enhance Business Intuition

Address Derailing Behavior

Build Capacity to Maintain Composure Under Pressure

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Group Facilitation

A seasoned group facilitator can provide the following benefits to your organization:

Conflict Resolution

Mutual Problem-Solving

Managing Transition & Change

Business Process Review and Improvement

Team Alignment

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E-Mail & Social Media Marketing Strategy

Determining the Right Technology for Your Business

Reduce Costs by Streamlining Your Marketing Technology

Educating, Engaging and Nurturing Your Customers

Social Media Strategy

Business Process & Systems Review

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Resilience Training for Groups

Managing Stress

Maintaining Composure

Nurturing Strong Relationships

Enhanced Intelligence

Improved Mood and Engagement

Employee Satisfaction

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