Simple Visualization Technique for Instant Stress Relief

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Simple Visualization Technique for Instant Stress Relief

Imagine yourself in a stressful situation where the only asset you can draw on in the moment is your wit and intelligence.    The bad news is that during a stress response, the body becomes less intelligent and the individual is prone to reacting rather than responding with composure.


HeartMath Webinar Shamir Ladhani

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In the webinar replay below I give the metaphor of Light and the Sunshade.  I share with the viewers a simple visualization technique that will instantly arrest the body’s stress response so you can maintain composure.  The video is an excerpt from the weekly coaching program Your Monday Morning Espresso Shot

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Shamir left his position as a Vice-President of an energy corporation to pursue his passion in the area of science and spirituality. He is now an international speaker and workshop facilitator speaking on connecting your life's purpose from the heart. He has over 1200 followers on his facebook and groups.Shamir is a Licenced HeartMath(R) Coach and Trainer as well as a Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition.

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